Ireland's Eye: What's going on in the old sod


According to Niall Dollard of, who operates a weather station close to Greens Bridge, the cold snap is set to continue at least until next week.

"So far this has been an extremely harsh winter. There is a rain or snow belt coming in on Friday, and depending on how that turns out that might introduce a partial thaw before the frigid weather returns next week,” he said.

"The extreme temperatures are set to continue and although temperatures might rise marginally there will be no real let up. There is a real threat of more snow showers and a lot more show next week," added Dollard.

The AA is also urging people to leave their cars at home and opt for public transport where possible as the cold snap continues to bite throughout Ireland.  Freezing temperatures and ongoing snowfall mean driving conditions remain treacherous.
-Kilkenny People

Stop the violence

Limavady's top cop has issued a stark warning that someone will end up dead if the "mindless violent crime" at the weekends in the town center doesn't stop.

Revealing that 382 officers were deployed in the town center over the past 12 weekends, Chief Inspector Steven Cargin said violent crime is on the increase, with 80 assaults reported during that period.

Cargin said he now has to deploy extra officers not just on Friday and Saturday nights but on Sunday nights as well, which are becoming as busy as Saturday nights.

"The down side to that is that I have less officers to do things outside the Limavady town center so members of the public feel cheated, but unfortunately because people come into the town center and take too much drink and get into fights and I have resource that," he said.

"Some of the incidents that I know of involve people who are knocked to the ground and people sticking the boot in their head, and it's only a matter of time before someone gets killed by this mindless violence."

Cargin appealed to bar owners, who he claims have a huge responsibility.

“They are taking a lot of money off people and feeding them full of drink, and they just push them out the door and expect the police to pick up the pieces and it's time it stopped," he said.

"They need to wake up and take responsibility because they will be responsible for the death of someone as they are the ones feeding people full of drink."

Cargin said Limavady will be given a "bad name" if people continue to act the way they do.

"It's just a matter of time before someone is really seriously injured or murdered as a result of this behavior," he said. "I wouldn't say Limavady is the Wild West but there are a lot of clowns out there, a lot of people fighting."
-Derry Journal

Parent study

A new report suggests that almost one in five mothers smoke or drink at some stage during pregnancy.

The Irish government funded the “Growing Up in Ireland” study.

It followed the progress of more than 11,000 nine-month-old infants and shows that the traditional family unit remains the norm.

The report suggests that 70% of the mothers of nine-month-old infants are married. A further 15% are living with a partner.

Some 27% of mothers and 24% of fathers were not born in Ireland.

Minister for Children Barry Andrews said the figures gave cause for concern and could prompt renewed campaigns on the dangers associated with drinking and smoking during pregnancy.

“There are existing campaigns in this regard, run by the Department of Health and the Health Service Executive, trying to highlight the dangers of drinking and smoking in pregnancy,” he said.