Irelands Eye, a roundup of top Irish news stories Oct 9th, 2013


O’Grady was held in custody overnight.  Fitzpatrick said O’Grady would be accepted at Coote Street, but there would be no doctor on duty if O’Grady were bailed that day.

O’Grady was sentenced to eight months, with the last four suspended on condition he remain under the supervision of the probation service for two years. He must have an address before release.
- Leinster Express

Total Smoke Ban

All hospitals and Health Service Executive (HSE) facilities in Cavan and Monaghan are to become entirely smoking free zone from next month.

The HSE is branding their facilities “Tobacco Free Campuses” from November 1, including Cavan General Hospital and Monaghan Hospital, with the result that smoking will not be permitted anywhere on these campuses from this date, including doorways, entrances, walkways, roads and carparks.

The policy, which will apply to all staff, patients, visitors and external contractors aims ensure a healthier, safer and cleaner environment for all and better health outcomes for patients and staff.
“Stopping smoking is the single most important thing a person can do to improve their health, at any age," said Dr. James Hayes, clinical director at Cavan General.

"As a hospital group we continue to have a need to focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle, and therefore it is sensible that we now extend our no smoking policy in the hospitals to include the hospital campuses.”

A free smoking cessation service is available at Cavan General and Monaghan Hospital which can provide support to patients, staff and visitors.
- The Anglo-Celt