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Clare County Council will now contact the Minister for Justice and the Minister for the Environment calling for parts of the Residential Tenancy Act dealing with “bad neighbors and bad tenants” to be strengthened.

Clare Champion

Summer Weather War
THE scorcher of an Irish summer predicted by New Zealand weatherman Ken Ring has been rubbished by Westmeath forecaster Karl Mehlhorn, who says long range weather forecasts are simply "impossible."

Ring, who says he uses the sun, the moon and tidal activity to make his predictions, claimed the summer of 2013 will turn out to be another 1995 (when Ireland enjoyed Mediterranean temperatures) and that the country would bask in a tropical 86 degrees Fahrenheit this July.

However Mehlhorn, whose weather station is based in Killucan, says such long-range forecasts have been tried and tested before and haven't proved true.

"We can't forecast beyond five to 10 days -- the technology simply isn't there," Mehlhorn said.

"It's impossible to predict so far ahead. He's talking about two seasons ahead, which is six months.

At the end of the day, we have one or two chances of it either being a good or a bad summer, and the Irish long for a good summer," he continued.

"I think 2003 was the last decent summer we had, but predictions like these are completely inaccurate. This guy is known for his over-the-top predictions and all these are, in my opinion, are headline grabbers.

"He's using terminology I've never heard of. We stick to the accurates, otherwise the technology simply isn't there."

Westmeath Examiner

Swan Death
A REWARD has been offered up for information leading to the prosecution of whoever was responsible for the recent death of a swan in Ballymun.  The swan was found dead in the pond of the popular Poppintree Park.

It’s believed a gang of youths was drinking in the park the previous night and that a bottle may have been thrown at the swan causing its death.

It’s the second time in the space of a year that a swan has been killed in the park. The first swan died from horrific injuries after it was attacked by a dog last summer.

It's believed that the swan died from a ruptured liver as a result of a trauma. The most recent attack has sparked outrage and disgust in the local community.

Councilor Steve Wrenn was so horrified by the attack that he put up a financial reward for any information that will lead to the arrest and prosecution of those involved.

“Whoever did this should be punished for their actions. It’s absolutely abhorrent. I feel so strongly about this that I’m willing to put up €300 of my own money for information that will be successful in bringing whoever did this to justice,” he said.

A spokesperson for Dublin City Council confirmed that the swan was found dead in the pond of Poppintree Park on Sunday morning, January 6.

“It had no prominent injuries and was sent for examination to the Department of Agriculture laboratory to see how it died,” she stated.

“We are awaiting results and the Gardai (police) have been informed of the incident.”

Dublin People