Impatient Irish have lost that loving feeling for others


I love Ireland, and don’t  wish to live elsewhere. There is so much to keep me here in the later years of my life, and my story in this article is just one, albeit important, aspect of today’s Ireland. I grew up here in the grey and hungry fifties when Irish parents often agonised over the problem of putting food on the table.

Those days are gone in our consciousness, and sadly replaced with fear of the future and of those who govern. This is not the way it ought to be. There are no expressions of optimism, only ‘promises’ of more austerity.

Little wonder people are angry. My problem is that such pessimism can quickly can turn to volatility or hate. It is spiralling out of control.

I’d only ask that as a society we’d recognise we’ve lost our way. We can recover on a personal level, while accepting we’re deep in this quagmire of a failed economy entity. While waiting for the miracle to come, I’m not deterred as I sally forth to snatch any bit of fun which might have my name on it.

Join me.

*Robert J. Sullivan is a writer living in Bandon, County Cork