Hundreds of Irish heirs to unclaimed British inheritance

Morgan Kelly warns small business collapse could break Irish economy.

- Patrick Joseph Hendrick, a bachelor, aged 78 years, who died in Islington, London, in April 2012

-Michael O’Donnell, aged 45 years, who died in Gillingham, Kent, in June 2003

- William Berkeley, a bachelor, aged 93 years, died in Brighton, East Sussex, in August 2012

- James O’Reaghan, known as John Joe, aged 71 years, died in Stafford, Staffordshire, in January 2013

- Michael Duffy a bachelor, aged 74 years, born in Wicklow, who died in Tooting, London in October 2003

- Micheal Ryan, a widower, born in Tipperary who died in Burton Upon- Trent in January 2013

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* Originally published in 2013.