Huffington Post columnist responds to IrishCentral over anti-Irish jokes


 We will know that we have truly overcome the legacy of British rule when we banish the old inferiority complex that causes every perceived slight to be amplified beyond reason. We will have arrived as a grown up nation, the equal of Britain, when we no longer get offended at Irish jokes but just shoot back (with a joke, that is). I do not say that Douglas Murray is wise in calling for Irish jokes. Where I agree with him is when he says this:

"If people honestly think that in a thriving democratic society you can police peoples' humour when it is not illegal, then you are going to be in real trouble.”

The alternative to a free society is an Orwellian tyranny where our thoughts and words are policed by the state. If the price of freedom is occasionally being offended, we should be willing to pay it.