Hillary Clinton celebrates Dan Rooney’s service to the US and Ireland at White House event


“We’ve increased trade and investment between our countries. The US-Ireland Research and Development Partnership has been reinvigorated. We helped support Ireland in hosting a successful OSCE ministerial and to begin its EU presidency this month. We worked closely, even more so, with Ireland on security and peace, development and human rights. And of course, what Dan would call the Super Bowl of his tenure, President Obama visited Ireland and had a fabulous trip where he really demonstrated the depth of his commitment to the relationship.”

The Rooney family suffered the tragic and sudden loss of their daughter Rita in December. Rooney thanks Hillary Clinton for the personal call she made to the family and the friendship she had shown.

Although now aged 80, Rooney has pledged that he will return to work as Chairman of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team, according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.