Gabrielle Giffords is now making amazing progress towards recovery


Her room is filled with family and staff. Her parents Gloria and Spencer have hardly left her side since she was shot.

Kelly asked Giffords what could make her situation as normal as possible. Giffords said working. So every day her staff brings her articles and office memos about the work they are doing.

Although Kelly has been in training for the Endeavour launch, he pops by every morning to have his coffee and visits in the evening to talk about their days. He even takes naps in her twin-sized bed and plays scrabble, making-up words which makes her laugh.

When Giffords neurologist Dr. Dong Kim is asked about Giffords future she thumped his heart with his fist. "I feel it here. She's still got a ways to go. I think she's going to get there. I keep saying that."

Kim continued "For somebody with that kind of injury, we start with, 'Are you even going to come out of the coma'... much less 'what are they going to be doing later?'" He maintains that Giffords "is maybe in the top one percent of patients in terms of who far she's come, and how quickly she's gotten there. I think the question then becomes, how far is she going to go?"

In May, Giffords will have her final operation to repair her skull; however, Kim envisages that she will remain in rehab for the foreseeable future. Some days Giffords is down and fears she's going to be in hospital forever, but her husband soon cheers her on.

He said, "When I tell her that she's not going to be in a wheelchair forever, she believes that ... Right now she gets up and takes a couple of steps. I think she'll probably use a wheelchair for I don't know, maybe another three months.

"She knows she's going to be a lot better ... how she's improving all the time.

"I talk to her about where she wants to go, but because it's difficult for her to articulate certain things, I'm not sure.”

He wonders, "What is her recovery going to look like? Where is she going to be in a year? Where is she going to be in three years? But I don't think anybody knows."

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