Fundraiser to benefit the Irish-American Heritage Archaeological Program at UMass Lowell a success


The excavation included re-opening a trench that had been excavated in 2011 to try and identify a structure that had been found in the second season of digging. It was determined that the item in question was 4.28 meters deep and would have sat next to the house on the property that belonged to Fr. McDermott.

In addition, the crew continued to find numerous artifacts associated with the period 1822 to 1870 including clay pipes, iron nails, pottery and animal bones. Excavation outcomes will include the dissemination of articles documenting the artifacts and the stories they reveal about the immigrant culture, exhibitions for public viewing, preservation of a National monument and an understanding of how our past impacts our present and the future.

The team will dig daily this week from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Lowell.

Next month, the team will travel to Northern Ireland to dig at the site of the former homestead of Hugh Cummiskey, who led the first group of Irish laborers on the 30-mile walk from Boston to Lowell. The group first dug at the site last summer to gain insight into Cummiskey’s life before he immigrated to the United States.