Five reason to love and loathe the birth of the British royal baby


Here are the top five reasons for and against celebrating the coming heir to the British throne.

1. For:

For the first time the child will be third in line for the throne after Charles and William regardless of sex.


If he/she is silly enough to marry a Catholic and convert they cannot become king or queen (Act of Succession).

2. For:

Will be head of state over sixteen countries.


About half of which wish the Brits and the royal heir would bugger off for good.

3. For:

Will be the first royal birth to be announced by Twitter.

Against :

Be alert for mindless media madness multiplied by millions because of internet age.

4. For:

Kate and William,a likeable couple become parents.


Battle axe Camilla becomes a step-grandmother right out of the wicked witch.

5. For:

Lady Di’s revenge ---her progeny will take over the crown one day.


Lady Di will never see her grandchildren.