The definitive list of Irish Studies programs – United States and Canada


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St. Francis Xavier University - Celtic Studies: St. Francis Xavier is one of the few universities offering the study of Celtic languages and the history of the Celts from about 800 BC to the present. Students may choose to major or minor in Celtic Studies. Celtic courses may also be chosen as electives by students wishing to broaden their horizons beyond "mainstream" fields.

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Stonehill College Irish Studies: Stonehill’s Irish Studies program seeks to develop students’ cultural understanding of Ireland and, also, a wider understanding of the culturally pluralistic United States. Students choosing the Irish Studies minor will draw knowledge from many of the academic programs that are at the heart of a liberal arts education. Stonehill also offers chances for students to obtain Irish internships. Internships are available in a wide variety of settings including hospitals, government agencies, the parliament and a variety of businesses.

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Taylor University - Irish Studies Program: Taylor University offers a unique Irish study abroad program. The Irish Studies Program is designed for students to expand cultural and spiritual awareness by studying and experiencing the history and culture of Ireland. Irish literature, Irish history, Celtic studies, and contemporary Ireland comprise the core of the program's course of study. This program is enriched by exposure to Ireland's fine arts, exploration of the land and experience with her people. Reflection for personal growth occurs through residence life, guided discussions, and chapel. Students are encouraged to worship with local churches and fellowships.

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