The definitive list of Irish Studies programs – United States and Canada


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Fordham University Institute of Irish Studies: Fordham University offers Irish studies as a Minor to all students. The Minor in Irish Studies is aimed at an understanding of the historical and cultural development of the Irish people, their language, literature, social institutions. This focus includes the significance of their contribution – intellectually, spiritually, artistically – to Western civilization and their experiences as one of the first post-colonial nations and of emigrant Diaspora.

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Georgia Southern University Irish Studies: Regardless of major or minor, every Georgia Southern student is welcome to experience its Irish Studies courses. Delivered with passion, these courses are available both on campus and through a summer semester in Ireland. There are multiple sessions available over the summer for studying abroad and also various scholarships that can be applied for.

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Harvard University - Department of Celtic Languages & Literatures: Offers an extensive graduate program that includes courses such as Irish language, Irish literature, and early Irish historical tales.

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