The definitive list of Irish Studies programs – United States and Canada


Here at IrishCentral we get asked all the time about Irish Studies programs. What follows is as definitive a list as we could compile. Any additions please email

Boston College - Center for Irish Programs: The Irish Studies Program at Boston College offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Irish culture and society. Individual undergraduate and graduate courses address social, political and economic history, literature, medieval arts, sociology, music, and the Irish language. The extensive Irish collections of the Burns and O'Neill Libraries enhance each of these and offer a wealth of resources to all Boston College students and faculty.

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Catholic University of America, Irish Studies Master’s Program: Offers a few undergraduate courses including Irish 101, Irish language and culture, and Irish 103.

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Celtic Studies Association of North America: The Celtic Studies Association of North America (CSANA) embraces all aspects of Celtic Studies and provides a forum that is unavailable in a discipline- or area-based organization. Members are interested in the languages, literature, history, folklore, music, art and archaeology of ancient, medieval, and modern Celtic cultures.


Concordia University School of Canadian Irish Studies: The School of Canadian Irish Studies at Concordia University was created with the joint financial support of the University and the Canadian Irish Studies Foundation. The academic programs of the School focus on Ireland’s complex history and rich culture, as well as the contributions of Irish immigrants to the social, cultural, economic, and political life in all regions of Canada. Over a dozen Irish Studies courses are offered annually in a range of disciplines, including history, literature, film, music, economics, language, theater, popular culture, theology, political science and geography. The School also offers A Major, a Minor, and a Certificate in Canadian Irish Studies from within the Faculty of Arts and Science.

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