1916 Easter Rising flag fails to sell at New York auction


Even within his own lifetime Yeats’ debut book was enthusiastically sought after, but on Tuesday morning it failed to reach its projected price range and was withdrawn from sale.

A five page, typed and signed manuscript article by President John F. Kennedy, written while he was briefly employed as a journalist, was also offered for sale.  Kennedy’s article, entitled “Eamon de Valera Seeks to Unite All Ireland” was estimated to fetch between $20,000 to $30,000, but it also was withdrawn from auction when it failed to achieve its target price range.

Surprise items like artist Rita Donagh’s 1982 work Single Cell Block boasted a more contemporary Irish political theme, and it quickly sold for it’s initial estimate of $15,000. Donagh’s work dealt with the turbulent political situation in the North during that period.

In all the entire auction began and ended within 45 brisk minutes.