My dreams of a new life shattered by Internet visa scam


It adds that ‘The Department of State does NOT notify successful DV applicants by letter or email.’ This is when my heart drops. Any hope that it wasn’t a scam and that I really did win the Green Card Lottery and would be living permanently in a country I had grown to love, while nearing the end of my year long visa, was diminishing rapidly.

Initially I was so excited, but the tell-tale signs became obvious quite quickly. First the email was sent by an address ending in .com when the U.S. Government use .gov in all official emails and urls. Secondly, sending money via Western Union was a huge sign screaming ‘Dodgy’. Thirdly, the results of the DV Lottery are not sent via email but you need to check online yourself with a confirmation number you received at the time of entering the draw, which is another tell-tale sign, if you do not have a confirmation number and awaiting the month to arrive where you can check – then you didn’t even enter the lottery to have won it.

This is a well known scam people – don’t be fooled!