Disabled Irish American scholar fundraising for dream degree in London


Once back in the U.S., the graduate decided to re-evaluate her choice to study abroad.

“I did have a moment when I questioned whether all the obstacles were worth it,” Anastasia admits.

“I re-examined whether there would be a program in the United States so I didn’t have to return to London, but I always came back to the original reason why. In terms of the academic program it was the best one for me.


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“It’s the one and only thing that I am focused on right now. The goal in getting this degree is to position myself as more marketable.  My long term goal is to start up a non-profit of my own.”

Now the Somoza family is fundraising to ensure there is enough money to hire two personal care assistants for Anastasia’s studies.

So far they have raised over $17,540 towards the cost of financing.

"We need much more than $30,000,” said Mary. "Every time we look on the website and it’s jumped up, we are all so excited.

“It’s like everything we have encountered in our fight to get the girls’ education over the years. At the time the problems seem insurmountable, however you have to do it.”

For more information or to donate to Anastasia’s fund visit the website here.