Dear Rory - a mother remembers her son


We made a decision not to have a big family get together on April 1st, the anniversary of the day you cruelly died. We will plant a tree in one of your favorite places and your little cousins Patrick and Fionn Rory (who was born after you left) will help.  You would have liked that. We will walk to the top of the Hill of Tara, the meeting place of the High Kings of Ireland, and we will release balloons at Raith na Riogh (the Fort of the Kings) with special messages to you - I hope you see them.

More than anything know that you are so much loved still by everyone. Gilly Cullen created a beautiful portrait in your honor; friends and strangers have done the kindest of acts. Doctors, good doctors, have worked hard with us for change, people are giving of their time fiercely and freely in order to change the world, so there won’t be another tragic death like yours.

Tragically Rory, your melody was left unsung in full. You were so looking forward to your life ahead.

But you sang a wonderful tune in your 12 short years. We have all learned from your life. We who loved you were part of the melody you were creating, without you it is hard, but we will continue your song and hope we make you proud.

Torture. As one special person in your life wrote, “It’s as if a Gordian Knot were entwined in an enigma, wrapped in cruelty.” No answer and a lifetime of loss.

Rory Staunton - you were our best 12 years.

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