Calling Irish immigrants working in gaming industry abroad – wants your input


A leading gaming expert in Ireland is seeking input from Irish emigrants abroad who are employed in the gaming industry, as part of his research for the 2013 Irish Computer Games Industry Report.

Employment in the Irish-based video games industry has increased 91 percent since 2009, according to last years report by In 2009 there were 13 games development teams active in Ireland, last year that figure jumped to 51 teams.

A short ten question survey aims to identify the skills gap that currently exists in the local game development industry in Ireland, which has experienced exponential growth over the last three years.

The survey aims to identify the skills gaps that currently exist in the local game development industry, which has been experiencing rapid growth over the last three years as over fifty local game development teams make and release products at an unprecedented pace.

"There was barely a handful of game developers when a lot of people emigrated prior to the recession” said Jamie McCormick, the author of the report.

"With the growth of Steam, Android and iOS, as well as developments in the browser space, the traditional barriers to market have evaporated, and dozens of teams across the country have begun to develop games and bring them to market. is a shining example of this.”

The report is expected to be published in early summer.

To complete the survey, click here.

The Games Industry in Ireland 2012" report is also available to download for free at