Cake time for Hitler? Furore over Der Fuhrer on Irish birthday party cake


But Brennan countered that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that he wasn’t 'condoning' what Hitler had done.

'I’m just saying admiration for his army, I’ve also admiration for the Swiss army palace guard. They have got brilliant military dress.'

Brennan added that the photographer from The Kilkenny People who took picture for the local paper had warned him that some people might not like it.

'It’s not meant as a derogatory sort of thing against the people,' Brennan said, 'It could be even Stalin, it could be anyone like that. People have very short memories, you know.'

There's no long line of people ordering Stalin sponge cakes or Pol Pot pies in Gowran, County Kilkenny however.

Following her interview, presenter Sue Nunn told the press she had 'no idea' that Brennan would announce he was an 'admirer' of Hitler's and she was startled by his comments during the interview.

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