Beam names five Irish goodwill ambassadors for their Kilbeggan brand in U.S.


Michael Egan, Chicago

Michael Egan (24) is a recent graduate of Dublin Institute of Technology with a four year degree in Tourism Marketing. He was born and raised in Dublin and says he misses Gaelic football the most because he was very involved in the sport before his move to the United States.

Egan is currently working in Chicago as a brand ambassador for the Kilbeggan Distilling Company.

His biggest surprise moving to America was “how welcoming, friendly and understanding everybody [he] works with is” and  he says their friendliness “has made the settling in process so much easier.”

His favorite Kilbeggan Distilling product is the Greenore Single Grain Irish Whiskey.

You can follow him on twitter @mikegan88.

Ruth Dunne, Philadelphia

Ruth Dunne (22) is a graduate of the Dublin Institute of Technology where she studied International business and languages, French and Spanish.

She is from Clonskeagh, Dublin and misses her friends and family. She also misses her mum’s home cooked meals and her mum would be pleased to hear, “I will never take them for granted again!” Dunne has tried to recreate them, but says that they never turn out the same.

She is currently working in Philadelphia and says she has met some wonderful people who have made her welcome in the City of Brotherly Love.

Her biggest surprise moving to America was how happy and friendly everyone is. She says it was very easy to settle in and Philadelphia “felt like home immediately.” The Beam team was very welcoming and helped make the move to America easy. Dunne says about her Beam team, “Their patience and mentoring have been incredible and I am really looking forward to the year ahead.”

Dunne’s favorite Kilbeggan Distilling products are the Kilbeggan and the Greenore. The Kilbeggan goes well in Irish coffee, one of her favorites, as well as a mixed cocktail or even sipped on its own. The Kilbeggan is the flagship brand and a favorite among whiskey drinkers.

She also has great praise for the Greenore. “It’s smooth texture and light, approachable flavor provide a good basis for many cocktails. Being the only single grain whiskey it is one not to be missed.” She likes to use twitter to keep everyone up to date on events happening in Philadelphia and to upload photos of events.

You can follow Dunne on twitter @KilbegganRd.