And the top IrishCentral stories of 2013 were...envelope please!


We are a force to be reckoned with but you American guys might need a helping hand when it comes to dating Irish women

8. The Irish accent voted sexiest in the world, over French

It's official! Thanks in no small part to Colin Farrell, the Irish accent is now the sexiest in the world...

Ooh la la! Ireland beats France for sexiest accent thanks to Colin Farrell

9. Loneliest man in Ireland leaves deserted island after twenty years

Ireland’s loneliest man has said he is moving back to England this year after 20 years on the Co. Donegal island of Inishfree...

Barry Pilcher heads home to England after living by himself on the island of Inishfree for 20 years

10. Celts’ stereotypical red hair could be attributed to the cloudy weather

Scottish research has found that the Celts flaming red hair can be put down to the weather. With ten percent in Ireland and 13 percent of people in Scotland boasting of glorious red hair, there could be something to it...

Scientist believe the "ginger gene" evolved 50,000 years ago when humans moved north from Africa to Europe

11. A picture of Michael Collins just hours before his death is discovered

A remarkable photo of Michael Collins taken just hours before his death has been uncovered in an attic...

The image, taken in August 1922, shows the Irish revolutionary leader, Michael Collins, in the back of a car, he was shot at  at the village of Béal na Bláth, Cork

12. Irish pensioner, 85, desperate for company at Christmas, places advert

A London-based Irish pensioner faced his tenth Christmas alone before taking positive action to ensure he would not be alone again this Christmas Day...

Pensioner James Gray found joy in having company at Christmas.

13. Top ten Irish phrases and what they really mean

May the road rise to meet you - From the Gaelic, "Go N-eiri an bothar leat," which means may success be with you...

 An insight into Irish sayings like "Top of the Morning"...a made up Hollywood phrase you should avoid using with actual Irish people