American right wingers fall in love with Irish socialist politician and atheist Clare Daly


An Irish leftie has become a big hit with American right wingers – thanks to her attack on US President Barack Obama in the Dublin parliament.

Clare Daly is best known in Ireland for her radical views and her constant attacks on the government’s austerity polices.

But she is now a how with sections of the far right in America after ‘verbally crushing’ President Obama according to one commentator.

The website reports that atheist and socialist Daly is now being flooded with emails of support from America after labelling Obama a ‘war criminal’ and ‘hypocrite of the century’.

She also lamented the ‘unprecedented slobbering over the Obama family’ on their recent visits to Ireland.

A YouTube video of her scorching speech June 19 has become a global sensation with over 1.2 million views.

One WND reader said: “I’m in love with this woman! It is SO inspiring to hear somebody speak the TRUTH boldly. She shames our (yeah, ‘slobbering’) so-called news media.”

The report says another, Leslie Green, declares: “I wish she were an American citizen so that she could run for office here, we desperately need more leaders with the honesty, frankness and integrity that she has shown. Bravo little Irish lassie! Thank you for speaking up to Obama as few (if any) other politicians have.”

The website says other readers are pouring on the praise with similar sentiments:

“Daly for president, here in the USA! God bless her.”

“She is spot on. May God protect her because barry the fairy will certainly have a drone on her.”

“That took real guts. Knowing that she’ll likely now have all her verbal and written communications watched and recorded for political or other purposes, for years to come. I’m sure Obama has already provided the request to the NSA to get on this women. Good on you, Clare Daly.”

“A star is born, the Irish Sarah Palin. I love this woman! Obama it is your year of failure, it’s coming full circle, your arrogance, your deceit and your lies are going to be exposed, the whole world is coming against you. There is a lot of blood on your hands, it’s stain can’t be washed off. You are going to pay the piper.”

“Whoa! You go girl! Speak the truth, ‘cause that stupid man sure isn’t capable of it!”

“Oh, Dear Lord, it is good to know some people see thru this evil, incompetent man who wants to be king! He should be impeached and in prison! And made to pay back all the millions he has spent on vacations that were paid for by the taxpayers of America. Thank you!”

“It certainly is refreshing to see a foreign politician bad-mouthing Obama. They all used to be so in love with him.”

“Bravo, Clare. However I have to point out our Congress has done NOTHING to stop this travesty so that tells me what I need to know about them. All this theater we see is a sham. They are allowing this to happen which could only mean they want it as well. Our government has turned on us. That would explain Obama’s actions in keeping us divided. They don’t want the people in this country to realize what is happening and unite against them.”

“What a brave and feisty woman. I believe I am in love.”

For her part, Daly says she’s more than impressed by the “phenomenal response from people all over America.”

Daly is both shocked and delighted with the response to her comments from Americans, some of whom have encouraged her to move to the States and run for office.

She said: “I was absolutely shocked by the scale of the response and very impressed at the level of realization of most American citizens that President Obama has let them down on a lot of the promises and expectations that they had.

“Some of the people who contacted me would have a very different political viewpoint to myself but nonetheless were glad to have a balanced account of the president’s tenure made public..

“For me it confirms the point I was making that even a small neutral country like Ireland can have a ripple effect and create an impression on the world stage.”

Daly also said she is flattered that people would like her to move to America and run for office.

She added: “Unfortunately, I have family and connections here in Ireland and would not be in a position to do that. My reaction is that people should be trying to organize themselves and take on the establishment.”

When asked about the huge number of Americans expressing ‘love’ for her, Daly said: “People who say that obviously do not know me. It is very flattering of course but what they love is what I’ve said, not me. I’m grateful for the fact that they do like those remarks.”