Accused Irish killer Gary McGurk claims innocence


He said it was his mother who hired a lawyer, not him. “You are Irish, you know, if you have trouble, the family is there for you. I can’t help what my mother does,” he said.

McGurk told police this whole ordeal has been very difficult on him.

“I can’t process this. I hold it all together. I have been in religion and out of religion. I studied for the priesthood. I have a conscious. If I had something to get out my chest I would,” he added.

McGurk said the police were picking on only a few facts.

“I spoke to you freely and then you use truth I tell you against me. That's why people lie,” McGurk told police.

“You concentrate on three of four lines of what I said to you, instead of everything I said to you. You read it. You know what's there. You just don't care. You give me that psychobabble and try to be my friend. I didn't tell you everything all at once because I had to build trust with you.”

Police said Lee's nude body was found inside her bedroom on April 27. She had been stabbed in the throat and head, bound with a cell phone charger cord and seared on the chest with a steam iron.

McGurk, who is being held without bail, pleaded not guilty and will return to court on July 20. If found guilty he faces life in prison