US Airways plane forced to make emergency landing at Dublin


The crew, all flight attendants, reported symptoms including nausea and dizziness and were taken to Beaumont Hospital on their arrival in Dublin.

The Irish Times reports that ambulances and fire engines awaited the plane’s landing with the aircraft taken to a remote location in the airport where passengers and crew were attended to by paramedics.

A spokeswoman for US Airways confirmed that all nine flight attendants were taken to Beaumont Hospital for observation but the pilots and 185 passengers on board did not report any signs of illness.

She said: “Medical professionals are evaluating our flight attendants and we are re-accommodating our customers on other flights to Philadelphia.”

Other media reports say that a public health alert was issued as the plane was due to land but passengers were disembarked from the plane shortly after the crew had been taken away by the emergency services.

Dublin Airport Authority spokeswoman Siobhan Moore said: “Passengers have been disembarked and they will be put up in a hotel for the night. We have no details on what might have caused the illness as yet.”

A spokesperson for the Dublin Fire Brigade confirmed that all the ill crew members were ‘conscious and breathing’ when attended to on the plane by emergency services.

A Health Service spokesperson said: “Nine crew members were taken by ambulance to Beaumont Hospital after being triaged and assessed first on the plane at the airport. Our ambulance services have now been stood down.”