Marriages once again on the rise in Ireland


The average age of grooms in 2013 was 34.7 years, while the average age of brides was 32.6. The average age of the groom in civil marriages was 37.9 years while the average age of the groom in Roman Catholic marriages was 33.2 years.

There were 429 civil partnerships registered last year, with 263 male unions and 166 female unions. The average age of partners in civil partnerships was 41.6 years — with the average age of male partners being 41.1 and average age of female partners was 42.2.

August was the most popular month to tie the knot last year, while January was the least popular month to get married. The Irish Examiner reports that the most popular days of the week to get married were Friday and Saturday. Sunday was the least popular day to wed.