Garth Brooks will ‘fly to Ireland, drop on his knees, beg’ Enda Kenny for all 5 concerts


When asked if this experience would make him think twice about booking concerts in Ireland in the future, he remarked “I don’t think you can talk about a future with [playing] Ireland until Ireland has a planning system that works,” a statement he later stepped back on, saying “it’s not my country.”

Brooks was emphatic in his love for Ireland, saying he and his team had been planning a concert experience that would “match the quality and the integrity of the Irish people.”

Inspired by the Comeback Special of Elvis (who, along with the Beatles, is one of only two recording artists ahead of Brooks for all-time record-breaking album sales in the US) the Croke Park concerts were going to be a massive, one-time-only spectacle. "It's 255-feet wide, 20 feet tall, that's just the video screen," Brooks said.

“75% of people who brought tickets were 25-years-old or younger, so the reason they’re coming is what their mom and dad told them. I don’t want to disappoint them.

“I’m the real loser in this one, out the greatest experience of my life,” he said.

“Anyone in Ireland, anyone on the planet who is sad about this, you’re not one-billionth as sad about this as I am.

"The Irish have my love forever. Whether I play there again or not.”