Fresh fears in coastal towns as new storm lashes Ireland with high winds and heavy rain


Another orange storm warning has been issued for Ireland as heavy winds and torrential rain again bash the country.
The warning will remain in place for 24 hours after the nation awoke to more severe weather on Sunday morning.
Ireland’s official weather service Met Eireann has warned that stormy conditions will continue throughout the day with wind gusts of up to 80 miles per hour, thunder, sleet and hail.
A Met Eireann spokesman told the Irish Independent website: “the warning will be in place until tomorrow morning and this will be monitored throughout the day.”
An orange alert wind warning is in place for Counties Donegal, Galway, Leitrim, Mayo, Sligo, Clare, Kerry and Limerick.
The western seaboard fears the worst again just weeks after Storm Catherine cost hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage.
The spokesman added: “Very inclement weather came in during the night, and it’s clearing the East coast now this morning. The winds eased off but they’re picking back up again.
“The Atlantic seaboard counties are getting the highest winds and there’s a further complication with high seas.”
The Met Eireann forecasters are confident that the latest storm won’t be as severe as the post Christmas Storm Catherine battering.
The spokesman said: “Wind-wise it’ll be similar, and other meteorological parameters are similar. All the potential is there for it to be similar.
“We don’t have the severe tides that we had last time. The next high tides in Ireland will be next weekend with the second moon.
“Materials and objects which were weakened by the last storm will be vulnerable over the next 24 hours.
“When you have a series of bad weather, a big tree may have been weakened but you wouldn’t know that. There is the potential for hazards and the potential is there for today, tonight and tomorrow.
“There is the potential for damage, flooding and storms can knock out power lines. There could be a dusting of snow and hail as well.
“People need to use their common sense. Seas will be very high around the coast.”
Ireland’s Coast Guard has warned that conditions along coasts will be extremely dangerous and have warned people to steer clear of exposed like coasts, cliffs and piers.