Family of Irishwoman killed in bear attack pay tribute to her co-workers


The workers attempted to fend off the brute using a fire extinguisher, water cannon, rocks and air horns.

In the statement her family said: “We know the manner in which she died has led to a focus on her death, but we would like to share some insight into Lorna’s life and her spirit.

“Lorna Weafer was born in Ireland 36 years ago, immigrated to Canada with her family as a child and moved to Fort McMurray in 1981.

“She was a warm person who made friends fast. Lorna will be greatly missed by her family, and many friends.

“On behalf of our family we’d like to recognise the co-workers who tried to help Lorna. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Weafer was carrying out electrical work at the Suncor oilfield, 25 miles north of her home in Fort McMurray, at the time of the attack as she exited a portable washroom.

Police tracked down the bear and shot it dead after the first know predatory black bear attack in Alberta since 1991.