Dublin woman sues pub after being knocked down at a lingerie party


A Dublin woman is suing a pub after she allegedly injured her ribs after being knocked down at an Ann Summers lingerie party being held there.
Sylvia Deehan, a 46-year-old mother of two, claims she was pushed by another woman who was trying to grab a prize, described “as a ring that goes around a certain part of a man,” which had been thrown in the air by an Ann Summers representative.
The Irish Times reports that the incident occurred as part of a ladies night held at The Lough Inn at Loughlinstown, Co Dublin.
The lingerie part was held prior to a performance by the male stripper troupe ‘Hunks of Desire.’
Deehan sued Loughlinstown Inn Ltd, trading as the Lough Inn Public House, for damages at the Dublin Circuit Court last June, but her claims were denied.
She has appealed that ruling to the High Court.
On Thursday, Justice Max Barrett was told, that Deehan and a friend were one of several pairs that participated in a game involving bursting balloons between their bodies. She and her friend tied for first place with another couple in the game and the Ann Summers representative threw the prize up in the air between them, Deehan told her counsel Mark De Blacam SC.
Deehan claims that as she went for the prize, another woman shoved her aside and she fell against the leg of a loudspeaker, injuring her ribs.
She said she was unable to breathe properly and was crouched over. That night her sister took her to hospital. Deehan says she spent two weeks in bed recovering from her injuries.
When cross-examined by Joe McGettigan SC, for the defense, Deehan denied she was asked to leave the pub by a member of staff that night. 
She said she fell after being pushed and denied any injuries she suffered happened as a result of an incident outside the pub.
After being told that many of those present at the event that night did not witness her fall, Deehan said it was disgusting that people had “told lies about me.” and that she was “not a liar.”
Deehan also denied drinking jagerbombs cocktails before the show and said she had only drunk a pint and a half of lager that evening.
She denied she tried to grab a chicken curry meal, which was provided by the pub as part of the ladies night, from a server before it was her turn to be served. 
“I never did nothing to no curry,” she said.
When cross-examined by the defense, Deehan’s friend, Kim Henderson, said she witnessed her friend’s fall at the pub. 
Henderson said she had signed a statement after the incident saying she did not see the alleged fall in the pub after being approached by the bar’s manager, saying she came under pressure from her husband not to go against the pub. She added that after she signed the statement, she felt sick and asked to withdraw it but was told she could not.
The case will resume next week.