“Drunk Paddies” headlines prove Australians racist towards the Irish, claim


“Tommy Tiernan, the cultural plasterer of Irish stereotypes, proclaimed Australia as the land where only the dregs of the Irish go. True, we do ourselves no favors.

“In Perth bulging Irish wallets are still shunned. Our reputation as wild tenants precedes us. A tension between the Irish who come here to make a life, and those who desire to get the leg over, certainly exists down here.

“Every crass Irish headline solidifies our good-time Charlie stereotype, and it deepens the Australian pool for water cooler racism.

“White and jovial, with a fondness for a drink, we Paddy’s are easy targets.

“Padraig Gaffney – lampooned as the poster boy for our global stereotype – snugly fit into that narrative. But its outcome sits awkwardly for all those involved.”

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