Alleged killer of Irish UN soldiers is living in Detroit, selling ice cream

On April 18, 1980, two Irish UN peacekeeping soldiers were murdered in Lebanon. Their alleged killer is now living in the US.

He shared the story of a good friend whose block went through some turbulent times after a former SLA militiaman and his family bought a house on the street. “People didn’t take too well to it, so they would drive by and yell things, harass the new family quite a bit,” he recalled. Eventually, everyone on the street received letters inviting them to a meeting at the local library where they were told ‘this man is a guest of the US government and should be made welcome.’

“In addition to it being a Lebanese immigrant community there are Iraqi immigrants, immigrants from all over,” he added. “You don’t always know what’s true and what isn’t, but you hear a lot of things about people being brought over here and protected.”

If that is the case with the alleged killer of Barrett and Smallhorne – and it is a big “if” until there is more to build upon than suspicions and tacit understandings – it may be impossible for Bazzi to be deported.

And if he were to be deported, a further question remains of where he would be deported to.

As Hindy pointed out, the southern region of Lebanon is currently controlled by Hezbollah, who would have been enemies of the SLA. A number of SLA officers did settle in Israel after they withdrew from Lebanon, he added, but he also said it seemed doubtful Israel would want Bazzi at this point.

In any case, for the time being, Masterson said the big question is simply, “Is there is going to be a hearing, and if so, when will it be? And if there isn’t, why not? On what basis?

“That’s the thing we’d all like to know.”