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Could Cardinal Timothy Dolan from New York be the first American pope?

Could New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan be the new Pope now Benedict XVI has retired?

Could New York Cardinal Timothy Patrick Dolan be the next pope? He is definitely a legitimate contender, the first American one ever, according to Vatican insiders…READ MORE


New York woman talks about her experience at the hands of the Good Shepherd Sisters, a Roman Catholic religious institute for womenAmerican survivor of Magdalene Laundries in the United States speaks out

In an interview with The Washington Times Communities, an American shared her story of surviving the Magdalene Laundries operated in the United States…READ MORE



Vatican confirms decision that Pope Benedict XVI is to retire due to ill healthThe Catholic Church's new Pope will be African according to odds from Irish bookmaker

The next pope is very likely to be African according to Paddy Power, Ireland’s leading bookmaker, who has come out with a list of “papabile,” those considered papal material…READ MORE



Penn State looking to play major college football game in Ireland

College football powerhouse and scandal ridden Penn State is looking to play a football game in Ireland according to Coach Bill O’Brien, following up on the hugely successful Notre Dame/Navy game there last year…READ MORE


The Irish have a way with words and we've put together some beautiful sentiments for St. Valentine's DayTop ten Irish love sayings for Valentine’s Day

Who has more a way with words than the Irish? From Joyce, to Yeats to Shaw and down through the generations, they have pondered life's great questions, but also expressed their love beautifully…READ MORE