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Kilkenny City’s new Central Access Scheme will obliterate an historic famine graveyard if it goes ahead, according to the director of Kilkenny Archaeology.

In the latest stunning revelation about the controversial $14.2 million project, Cóilín Ó Drisceoil says that a burial ground is recorded as having been located at the county Fever Hospital, Wolf Tone Street. The graveyard is noted by Tony Patterson in the 1997 Old Kilkenny Review (Famine Fever in Kilkenny), in which he cites the Kilkenny Journal: “In March [1847] the Kilkenny City Relief Committee voted ten pounds for coffins and £10 to buy a plot of land behind the Kilkenny Fever hospital.”

[Source: Kilkenny People]


There is a lot of anxiety in Portlaoise about breast cancer, following the announcement that Hollywood star, Angelina Jolie, had a double mastectomy, according to Councilor Kathleen O’Brien.

At a meeting two weeks ago of Portlaoise Town Council, the Fine Gael councilor called on the H.S.E. to extend the age limit for Breastcheck to 70 years of age.

“There is a lot of anxiety among people following Angelina Jolie’s operation.

“She carries the BRCA1 gene, and although it’s rare it’s genetic so it is in families,” she said.

[Source: Leinster Express]


A priceless medieval window surround stolen from Church Island over two years ago has been found dumped near the shoreline of Lough Garadice.

The discovery was made by local man, Patrick Bradley, early last week. Mr. Bradley had reversed a piece of farm machinery to the lake shore to wash it down at Keelrin, near Newtowngore, when he noticed the stones lying in the shallow water of the lough. He contacted Gardaí (police) to report the find, and the pieces of hand carved masonry have since been removed.

The medieval masonry was reported stolen just three weeks ago after a regular visitor to Church Island realized that the ruins of an ancient abbey had been desecrated. However, it is clear from photos taken on the island a few years ago that the window surround has been missing for at least two years.

[Source: Leitrim Observer]


Ruairí Ó Brádaigh, the ex-I.R.A. chief-of-staff and Republican Sinn Féin leader, has died.

During his political career, the Longford native also served as a T.D., elected on the abstention ticket.

Ó Brádaigh was raised on the Battery Road in Longford Town, the son of staunchly republican parents. After attending St. Mel’s College, he went on to study at University College Dublin before taking up a teaching post at Roscommon Vocational School.

During his time at U.C.D., Ó Brádaigh joined both Sinn Féin and the I.R.A., eventually progressing to senior positions in both organizations.

[Source: Longford Leader]


County Louth has the fourth highest crime rate in the country, with rapes and sexual assaults up by over 45 percent in 2012, according to the latest Central Statistics Office (C.S.O.) figures.

Only the three major urban centers – Dublin, Limerick and Waterford – recorded more crimes on a per capita basis last year. The C.S.O. report shows that the rate of burglaries in Louth is more than 50 percent above the national average and over four times the rate of burglaries in Kerry – the county with the lowest rate.

The figures reveal that Louth has the worst record for burglaries with over 93 per 10,000 people in 2012. The number of burglaries jumped by 23 percent last year to 1,146 – up 126. Louth also has the second highest rate of robberies and sexual offenses.

[Source: Dundalk Democrat]


Gardaí (police) in Westport are still investigating a fatal traffic collision that occurred on Friday, June 7, at Sheeaune, Westport at approximately 9:10 a.m. The collision on the main Westport to Castlebar Road, the N5, involved a rented car and a truck. The collision took place close to a filling station, known locally as Tip Top.

The deceased female passenger, aged 24 years, has been named as Franziska Zeller. She was pronounced dead at the scene and the male driver of the car, aged 33, was taken to Mayo General Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and has now left hospital. The couple was on holiday in the area from Ludwigsburg, which is near Stuttgart in Germany. The driver of the truck was not injured but was severely shaken after the crash.

[Source: The Mayo News]


Around 400 people gathered at Martry Mill, Kells, for the Kells Tourism Day which saw a number of tourism products being launched, and the opening of the mill by Madame Emmanuel d’Achon, the French Ambassador.

The mill has been in near constant service since 1641 but due to water levels falling in the Boyne River, had to resort to electric powerl however, it now can grind its flour again using the power of the Blackwater River.