Tourists snap a shot of a bodhran player at the Molly Malone statue in Dublin city. Read our expert guide on the common mistakes made by tourists in Ireland.Google Images

1. Just because the calendar says summer don’t pack just summer clothes. You can get four seasons in one day there .

2. Don’t change your money at the airport -- use the ATM at any bank it is a lot cheaper,it  takes your American credit card and charges a much smaller fee and better  exchange rates.

3. Don’t rely only on an American Express card, it often is not accepted

4. Don’t leave a tip in a restaurant until you ask if the service charge is included.

5. Don’t ask for the subway, underground....Dublin/Ireland doesn’t have one.

6. Dont’ ask for a ride anywhere , it has got sexual connotations in Ireland

7. Don’t affect a phony Irish accent, the locals hate it when you do even though they might smile and suffer.

8. Don’t travel to Northern Ireland without changing your money beforehand to British currency -- and don’t use the currency shops on the border --- they charge crazy rates.

9. Don’t tip the bartender in the pub, it is just not done in Ireland.

10. Don’t be without a GPS if driving. Signposts are often infrequent and sometimes misleading.