Dublin on a budget: 10 things to see and do for free in Ireland's capital city




9. Walk your way through Dublin

Despite all the urban traffic alternating between near-standstill and manic speed, Dublin still has a lot to offer for those willing to walk. Several routes are signposted and highlight different aspects of the city. Or you might try these hikes: a walk along the historic and hidden Royal Canal; a walk along the River Liffey.



10. Saint Stephen’s Green

This is for all of those who can take some pleasure in simply observing the eccentricities of your fellow human beings. Just place yourself on a strategic bench in Dublin’s most lively park and just wait. On any given day dramas of Shakespearean proportions will unfold right in front of you. Especially since Saint Stephen’s Green is known for the lively performances given by office workers, tourists, street performers and passing shoppers.