Traveling 503 islands off the coast of Ireland


“The tide can be flooding past the rock so you only get one shot.”

Walsh had visited many of the islands in his youth but began taking sea kayaking more seriously in 1990, after he saw two kayakers rowing between icebergs while on a trip to the Arctic. His passion led him to help found the Irish Sea Kayaking Association in 1995.

His book, which he says is as much for armchair travelers as for kayakers, was actually first published in 2004. Two hundred more islands have been added to the new version of the book, which has also been updated with a greater focus for holiday makers.

Walsh, a solicitor, said he enjoys the challenge of reaching the islands but has no desire to ever live on an island himself.

“People don’t go to offshore islands to look for legal advice so it’s not for me. I have too many weaknesses. I love the wilderness feeling. There’s so little going on below the watermark, you just meet no one and nothing,” he said.

David Walsh’s book “Oileáin – a guide to Ireland’s Islands” can be ordered online from his website