Top ten tourist attractions to see in Dublin

A tourist in Dublin will never be stuck for things to do.

9. Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle was formerly the center of British rule in Ireland. The best thing to visit here today is undoubtedly the Chester Beatty Library, which has some of the finest collections of Eastern art in the world. Alfred Chester Beatty, an American mining magnate, was a major collector of Eastern art. He moved his collection to Ireland in 1950. Admission is free – so a visit here is an absolute must. Dublin Castle also contains a police museum.

10. Christ Church Cathedral

This is just a short walk from St. Patrick’s Cathedral, which Christ Church predates. This is one of Dublin’s oldest buildings, and includes in its exhibition various rare manuscripts, historic artifacts and gold and silverware. The cathedral is also notable for hosting the first performance of Handel’s Messiah and it continues to put on various choral performances. There is an admission charge of €6 which is about $8.47.