Who knew Irish food could be healthy?


In conjunction with working for a number of prestigious L.A.-based catering companies, Murphy is a consulting chef on the Body-For-LIFE program, a multi-national sports and nutrition company. Murphy, who met his wife Christy in L.A. three years ago, also contributes to an Irish fitness magazine called Life and Fitness

After finding his niche in healthy cooking, Murphy has taken things a step further and created a pseudonym and company called The Healthy Irishman

“It’s the right direction to go in for me. I am trying to teach people how to make healthy food tasty and interesting,” he said.  “It’s basically practicing what I preach.”

Murphy said if someone wants to eat healthy on a budget it’s only a matter of planning ahead and often buying the cheaper cuts of meat or fish. “You can buy tilapia for example in terms of your sea bass and it’s great,” he says

“It’s important not to overspend on food and be smart what your spending it on, but most importantly planning ahead will save you money. For example, if you buy enough food for a casserole it can last a few days. Or make a pot of soup and freeze if for another time.”