YouTube sensations Rubberbandits set to debut new song and video

Rubberbandits, with their local politician Willie O'Dea, outside the Houses of Parliament in Dublin

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The Rubberbandits, of ‘Horse Outside’ fame, will soon debut a new video.
The Limerick rappers’ much-anticipated follow-up tune doesn’t have a name yet, but final scenes for the video were filmed at the Arbour Hill Boxing Club in Dublin last week.

The video was shot for the most part in Limerick, but other scenes were shot around Dublin's Liberties.
“Why the Liberties? Well, isn't it the Limerick of Dublin," singer Blind Boy Boat told the “Irish Independent.”
"There's a financial reason for it, too, in that it's cheaper to shoot a video in Dublin because the people with the relevant skills live here."
The promo for the new tune will debut on YouTube next Thursday before being screened on next Friday’s ‘Late Late Show.’ The Rubberbanidits’ “Horse Outside” video has over six million YouTube hits.
"With this single we have learned from all the mistakes we made with 'Horse Outside.’ Will it get to number one? At this time of the year, anything can get to number one,” said Blind Boy.

Read more: Limerick’s Rubberbandits are a big hit in Cambodia