Wee Craic Fest set to showcase best of new Irish music and cinema in NYC


In preparation for next year’s three-day festival Mulligan will also attend the Toronto Film Festival next month, where no less than eight new feature films from Ireland will screen at the annual Canadian bash.

“We’ll be throwing a little beer and wings pool party for the cast and crew of films like Ondine (directed by Neil Jordan and starring Colin Farrell) and Perrier’s Bounty (written by Mark O’Rowe and starring Cillian Murphy, Brendan Gleeson and Conleth Hill). The plan is to score some Irish premieres for the Film Fleadh,” says Mulligan.

“We have good relationships with the industry people and the cast. I believe that Neil, Colin and Cillian will be in town, as will some of the producers, and our relationships are a bit like family now -- it’s more like getting old friends together rather than business deals.

Toronto will give Mulligan an opportunity to run into Farrell and talk business.

“Last year I asked him to come down to the festival to launch In Bruges and he nodded and he showed up.” (Farrell’s appearance gave the Martin McDonagh written and directed film, which had languished a bit after its American release, a new lease of life that ultimately revitalized its success at the box office and led to a from left field Best Actor award for Farrell at the Golden Globes). 

“He came down, he did the right thing, and I won’t forget that. Same thing applies with Ondine, his new film. He knows we would love to see him, he knows it’s a good film and he knows that he will have a good time at the festival,” says Mulligan.

“It’s the same with Cillian Murphy too. Irish actors are different to the Hollywood set. It’s not like other festivals. It’s very Irish, we don’t pick them up from the airport, we don’t send them around in limos, and we don’t kiss up to anybody. We just say, ‘Okay lads, we’ll see you at the theatre at 11 o’clock,’ and they turn up. It’s part of their charm. They know that, they show up.”

Tickets go on sale August 17 through www.thecraicfest.com. The Studio at Webster Hall is located at 125 East 11th Street, Manhattan. For more information, contact Trish Lyndon at 646-549-1349 or the411@thecraicfest.com.