Warner Bros ask Christopher Nolan for ‘Inception 2’


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Warner Bros have reportedly approached, Irish script writer and director, Christopher Nolan and asked him to create a sequel to “Inception”.

“Inception” was the rarest of beasts, being an blockbuster movie which kept the feeling of being an art house flick. Described by Nolan has being an “existential heist” movie it followed a band of thieves who extract information from their victims dreams.

Nolan’s movie earned $810 million worldwide.

According to reports in What’s Playing an insider at Warner Bros said “Doesn't make a lick of sense creatively…But financially? Well, it made a lot of money for them. Can't imagine Nolan wanting to do a sequel, let alone direct one. Also don't imagine [Warner's president] Jeff [Robinov] would want to p*ss off Nolan by doing one around him. All interest is on the studio side at this stage."

Other report such as that from Collider have said that Nolan has not engaged in any of these talks.

Currently he is working on the upcoming “Batman 3”.

Read more - Hollywood golden boy Cillian Murphy talks about 'Inception'