U2’s Bono spills on American politicians and tech leaders in Charlie Rose interview - VIDEO


“I’m in a band in which, I promise you, there is no sense of entitlement. They’ll be waiting another 10 years if that’s what it took. They are very true to their audience.”

We could go on and on with more fascinating Bono thoughts from the interview.  In a nutshell, he readily admitted he likes his celebrity – “I really like getting the nice table in the restaurant,” he laughed – wasn’t hugely close with either of his parents but made peace with his father towards the end of his life, and that he longs to create with U2 the perfect pop song, citing the Rolling Stones’ “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” as an example. 

Rose also asked Bono about what the Irish have that make them so special. “It’s what they haven’t that makes the Irish,” Bono laughed.

“You know, our little rock in the north Atlantic Ocean would be under the water if not for some very smart, innovative people. We’ve been through very difficult times recently.  I think we’re smart.”

And Bono is a shining example of that.  There’s a malicious new “biography” out there scrawled by some hater trying to tear down Bono’s crowning achievement of educating a multitude of people about what’s going on in Africa, and urging them to be part of the solution.

It’s a joke really, the amount of negative energy aimed at people like Bono who have used their celebrity as a force for good in the world.  He doesn’t fall out of nightclubs at all hours with women who aren’t his wife, and hasn’t raised his four kids to be entitled brats.   (His daughter Eve, in fact, is graduating from NYU this week; Bono politely declined the offer of an honorary degree so he wouldn’t upstage her achievement.)

Bono will be the first to say he’s not a saint, but there are many people alive in Africa because of his concern who would disagree.  For the real biography on Bono and his life these days, watch the hour-long interview at www.charlierose.com.

Watch an excerpt from the interview here: