Top ten Irish male fashion disasters - PHOTOS & POLL


8. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

You can put this young man in anything but he still ends up looking like he's here to transport the deceased. Often spotted in waistcoats and bespoke suits he's been the pouty face of Hugo Boss for a few years, but he always somehow looks bored to distraction. Style isn't just clothes its how you wear them and the fun you have in (and out) of them. We think JRM looks lovely, but we want to keep our distance.
9. Colin Farrell
Looking like the lost member of Bon Jovi does this glamour puss no favors. Sure he's got it where it counts in the looks department but something about the way he dresses suggests you might want to watch your drink when you're out with him hitting the clubs.
10.  Ryan Tubridy
The famed Irish chat show host Ryan Tubridy has a red hot career that's frequently let down by his impulsive fashion sense. Usually a conservative dresser, he's given to flashy ties and sweaters to show there's some life under the hood, but Tubridy's a repeat offender in the baggy mom jeans area (and he offsets them with too-tiny belts).
The look you're going for should not be trying to tie a potato sack with a rope - but Turbridy's jeans are too often the wrong size for his frame, frankly. A grown man should never look like he's employed his mother to be his stylist so it's time to stop the madness: Tubridy - get some gays in your life asap or find a way to become gay adjacent. We can tell you're in dire need of a little flair.