Top Irish Entertainment Stories of 2010- SEE PHOTOS


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9. Jane Lynch wins Emmy for role of Sue Slyvester

Coach Sue Slyvester is fast becoming one of “Glees’s most popular characters. The Irish American actress won an Emmy this year for her character in the hit comedy musical series.

In more good news, the star married her long-term partner Lara Embry.

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10.  The Rubberbandits become an Internet sensation

The Limerick comedy duo may only have shot to fame in recent weeks but they are fast becoming a global hit with their viral single “Horse Outside”.

With stage names Blindboy Boat Club and Mr Chrome, their true identity was revealed last week as the two ordinary middle class gents, Dave Chambers and Bob McGlynn

This is one entertainment story that Ireland needs right now, reminding us of the importance of laughter in times of hardship.

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