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‘Man of Steel’ star Amy Adams doesn't think she looks good enough in Lycra to play a superhero

The 38-year-old actress stars as Lois Lane - the love interest of Superman's alter ego Clark Kent - in 'Man of Steel' and she is delighted she landed the role because she thinks it's her only chance of being in a comic book film as she's not got the body to wear a skin-tight costume...READ MORE


Robert Pattinson is renting a holiday home in Canada for the summer after split from Kristen Stewart

The 27-year-old actor is going to stay in a luxury pad at a lake in Toronto throughout July and August with his sister Lizzie as he tries to escape the drama surrounding his split from Kristen Stewart...READ MORE




8 Misconceptions about New York actors 8 Misconceptions about New York actors

An Irish actor gives her verdict on life as an NY thespian...READ MORE





Irish Dating Dish: Over 300,000 Irish people use sex phone lines to find loveOver 300,000 Irish people use sex phone lines to find love

Phone dating is becoming more popular in Ireland with both men and women now using the service...READ MORE





Channing Tatum will produce new comedy sitcom 'Nicky'

The 'White House Down' actor and his producing partner  Reid Carolin worked with their close friend, 'Happy Endings' actor Nick Zano, to put together the half-hour comedy co-written by and starring Nick, which is being developed at Warner Bros TV...READ MORE