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Dawn O’Porter reveals Irish actor Chris O’Dowd turned her life around

"I had a really successful 20s when I made show after show and had a great time. Then it just all disappeared about four years ago...READ MORE


Johnny Depp backing out of the Whitey Bulger biopic "Black Mass" could end in a law suitJohnny Depp's $20 million salary dispute over Whitey Bulger movie could lead to a lawsuit

The actor allegedly pulled out of starring in a movie about mobster Whitey Bulger last week after he was asked to cut his eight-figure pay day in half by financiers Cross Creek and Exclusive Media, and sources indicate the contentious situation could lead to an expensive court battle...READ MORE



An artistic impression of the 11th century king of Ireland Brian Boru whose life is set to be made into a biopic, filmed in IrelandCorkman Mark McMahon behind the Brian Boru bio epic movie set to be filmed in Ireland

Corkman Mark McMahon hopes the  upcoming movie “Boru” about Irish hero Brian Boru to be filmed in Ireland will be as big as ‘Lord of the Rings.’ McMahon hopes the film will secure a funding budget within the next couple of weeks...READ MORE



The beautiful seaside town of Clonakilty, County Cork Ireland’s top seaside vacation locations, villages and beaches not to miss - PHOTOS

Ireland is essentially a small island off mainland Europe and the Irish a bunch of islanders, and very proud of the fact. As such we have a strange affinity with the sea and are extremely proud of our beaches and breath-taking coastline...READ MORE



Patrick and Marisa Wayne, the son and daughter of "Quiet Man" star John Wayne honored at second John Ford Ireland Symposium in Dublin. Family of John Wayne recall the 'Quiet Man' star's love for Ireland

The children of ‘The Duke’, who were honored this weekend at the second John Ford Ireland Symposium in Dublin, revealed that their father never forgot his "humble origins."..READ MORE