The top ten greatest gifts from Ireland to America

Maureen O'Hara in "The Quiet Man"

1. Maureen O’Hara - She starred in “The Quiet Man”, the Irish movie that has captured the hearts of millions of Irish Americans and will continue to do so for ever.

2. Waterford Crystal -
For generations the embodiment of the best that Ireland could offer and produce. Still number one on most Irish Americans' gift list.

3. Michael Flatley - The embodiment of the Irish American influence on Ireland, he liberated Irish dance along with the “Riverdance” producers and later struck out on his own.

4. “Danny Boy” - Love it or hate it, it has become the needed adjunct to many Irish gatherings, combining sentimentality and sadness at our historic plight.

5. Maeve Binchy - Her books were the “Fifty Shades of Grey” of their day and still are massively popular with Irish American women and “chick-lit” seekers.

6. Bono -
The quintessential rock star has retained his massive appeal but has always underscored his Irishness to American audiences.

7. Guinness -
The black brew embodies Ireland for millions of Irish Americans and is associated with good cheer and a fine time.

8. Jameson - Coming up fast, the Irish whiskey has bewitched Lady Gaga and millions of other Americans as it takes off.

9. “Ryan’s Daughter” – This movie is nowhere as popular as “The Quiet Man” but it absorbed millions of Americans who saw it and encouraged them to visit Ireland.

10. Brown bread/soda bread - The humble Irish staples have continued to grab the loving attention of millions of Irish in America who want a taste of the old sod - literally.