The 10 hottest celebrities out of Ireland


We here at IrishCentral took on the painstaking job of staring at countless images of attractive Irish men and women to determine the 10 hottest. And now here they are: the Hottest 10 Out of Ireland – enjoy!

The Men

Forget Colin Farrell… these five Irishman are way more good looking, put-together and talented, if I may say…


1. Cillian Murphy

His windswept hair, his piercing blue eyes, his constant brooding expression – it may be a little cheesy, but we’re into it.

The Co. Cork native is a successful actor, both at home as a leading man in movies like “Intermission” and “The Wind that Shakes the Barley” (check out an interview for the movie) and overseas as the “bad guy” in movies like “Batman Begins" and “Red Eye” (he was nominated for a Golden Globe for this role).

Whatever the role, we appreciate Cillian’s (pronounced KILL-ian’s) talent  - and looks.


2. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

He may be a bit of a Colin Farrell-bad boy (he was arrested in 2007 on charges of public drunkenness and breach of the peace and has attended rehab more than once…), but this Dublin-born actor, singer and model is heads above the rest when it comes to Irish star quality.

He’s earned awards for his television work (for “The Tudors” and “Elvis"), critical acclaim for his film work (most notably for his role in the crazy-fantastic glam rock flick “Velvet Goldmine” (bizarre clip from the film here - granted Jonathan may not be at his hottest, but entertaining nonetheless) and for his endearing part in the hit “Bend It Like Beckham”  and is known as a talented singer and model, posing for the likes of Hugo Boss.

But if his talent isn’t enough to make you fall for him, keep in mind, he ain’t that bad looking either…


3. John Duddy

Our one and only sportsman that made the list. “The Derry Destroyer” may sound scary, but when you get a look at him, fear will be the last thing on your mind. Ireland’s famous middleweight boxer is known in the States for his fights at Madison Square Garden, including his St. Patrick’s Day fight against Leonard Pierre – all of which he won. He is also known for his rugged handsomeness. Duddy has won over fans with his athleticism, looks and his commitment to Irish immigration reform in the U.S.; the boxer has attended numerous Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform meetings, and even entered the ring in March 2006 donning an ILIR t-shirt. Here John answers some questions about an upcoming fight


4. Stuart Townsend

Nooo, this is not just Charlize Theron’s long-time partner – this is the handsome face of one of Ireland’s gifted actor/directors (see him in an interview for his directorial debut, "Battle in Seattle,” about the Seattle protests of a World Trade Organization meeting).

The dark-featured stud was first noticed overseas for his role of a seducer in 2000’s “About Adam,” and then as a vampire in 2002’s hit “Queen of the Damned,” which co-starred Aaliyah.

It’s his star power and good Irish looks that make this Howth, Co. Dublin native much more than Charlize’s arm candy…


5. Des Bishop

So technically he’s Irish AMERICAN, but comedian Des Bishop is widely considered an honorary Irishman since he has lived in Ireland since he was 15, has created numerous Irish t.v. shows and is now fluent in Gaelic.

Therefore, we feel justified in claiming him as one of our own and adding him to the list (his boyish good looks and great sense of humor didn’t hurt his chances either).

New York City-born Des is famous in Ireland for his hilarious comedy shows and his stand up (and for singing “Jump Around” in Gaelic – “Leim Thart”).

And next time you watch Jim Sheridan’s excellent film “In America,” keep on the lookout for a high as a kite, hip hopping Wall Street type – that’d be our Des! 


The Women

Irish women may not be in the global spotlight as much as Irish men, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of good looking, talented Irish lasses around!


1. Andrea Corr