Texas State Irish Dancing Championship Results and Photos


Open Championship 18 & Over
1 - Jason Hays - McTeggart, North Texas
2 - Ashleigh Hopkins - Inishfree Texas
3 - Courtney Otis - Inishfree Texas
4 - Molly McDaniel - McCafferty Arizona
5 - Tania Martinez - Inishfree Texas
6 - Hollis Horton - Inishfree Texas
7 - Laura Cass - Cass Academy
8 - Rachel Bacsik - McTeggart, North Texas

Adult Special - Traditional Set
1 - Shelley Hawkins - O'Maoileidigh
2 - Megan Pumphrey - Inisfhree Texas

Inishfree Texas/Mexico dancers performing at the North Texas Irish Festival.

Though some dancers packed up their dresses and mussed wigs to head home, many families stayed on an additional night for the North Texas Irish Festival held in Fair Park on Sunday. Eight Irish dance schools preformed amidst Celtic bands, vendors and other entertainment making for a full weekend to kick off March Madness in Texas!

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