Still mad about Harry - sneak peak inside 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"


The decision to re-sit her exams at a later date in Ireland was one that came fairly easily, she explains.

“I decided to repeat the Leaving Cert because I was so distracted with these films. I knew I wasn’t studying hard enough.

“We’d be on set, having a laugh in the green room, and I’d be saying to myself I should be studying. But then I thought, I can re-sit the exams, I can’t re-sit Harry Potter. Besides, there'll be no more filming this year, just a bit of press, so now it’s all about the exams.”

Gone are the blond tresses that came with Lynch’s character, because nowadays she has opted for a copper colored mane that’s a dramatic departure from her kooky former self.

“I can dye my hair now,” she told the press with a laugh, glad to be free of the restrictions of her role.

“I’m doing things now that I should have done a few years ago, like getting braces on my teeth, and learning to drive a car, and being with friends in one place for a fixed set of time.”

Lynch filmed her last scene of the Potter adventure on June 1 of this year and got her wish to go out with a big celebration.

“I'd always hoped my last scene would be one like that rather than just a shot of my hand or something,” she explained.

On her final day it turned out she was in luck. Most of the cast she’d spent the previous five years with were on set and they took a huge photo of the entire cast and crew.

“It didn't really hit me that it was over until I was going into the producers to say goodbye and thank them that I felt this big rush of emotion. I couldn’t contain it,” she said.

“But I felt like it had come full circle. My first encounter with Harry Potter was going into the producers office to introduce myself and explain why I was suited for the role.”